Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services

Supreme Solutions Group feels proud of its exclusive range of Information Technology Services. It is fundamentally because of the wide class of services that developed in years, that we are the pioneers and enjoying monopoly in the market in terms of quality, price and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to the IT and enterprise services, then Supreme Solutions Group credits some of the widespread services in the market under its belt. Few of them are briefly mentioned below-

Enterprise Resource Planning

It is basically an optimum software meant for the business process management services. It aids an enterprise to apply a system of integrated applications in order to improvise the business associated with technology, engineering and human resources. The best thing about the ERP software of Supreme Solutions Group is that it configures all the branches of a business operation like product planning, manufacturing, development, sales and marketing. Our software is proficient to deliver user friendly analysis of the data and frequent upgrades and the deployment maintenance are offered by us in order to ensure the best interests of our clients.

Different kinds of ERPs are offered in our services as per the necessity of our clients. The software accessible to us include Mobile ERP, Cloud ERP, Social ERP and Two-tier ERP.

Accounting System

Accounting System is basically the system of records that an enterprise tends to keep in order to sustain its accounting system. Supreme Solutions Group offers you an accounting system that can easily improvise all the financial processes associated with your business. Our Accounting System software is proficient enough to gather all the data related to investors, managers and creditors and deliver the right information to the company’s policy and decision makers. Our accounting software encourages clean, paperless process of the accounting cycle to render trustworthy financial outcome.

Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management or CRM basically referred to the practices, technologies and strategies, that enterprises can apply in order to administer, record and estimate the customer interactions to fuel the sales of the company by enriching the relationship with the customer base. The CRM software offered by Supreme Solutions Group will help you to consolidate the user information and classify them into a particular CRM database. The software offered by us is versatile in nature and some of the common features with which you would get benefited will include marketing automation (management), sales force automation, contact center automation, geolocation based services, etc.

E-learning System

It doesn’t matter whether you are enrolling in school, high school or a professional course, our latest e-learning system would take your online training experience to a whole new level. It would help you to perfectly blend with the virtual training environment as it is cost effective and saves a considerable amount of time. Our E-learning system would facilitate you to learn from anywhere, 24×7.  It also tracks the course progress with the help of its powerful and effective learning management system (LMS).

Content Management System

Supreme Solutions Group’s Content Management System or CMS is a smart computer based application that facilitates modifying, organizing, editing and publishing as well as maintaining the content via a central interface. It is a powerful tool to manage the workflow on the websites that contain blogs, shopping portals and news. Our advanced CMS database can easily serve as the central repository to store documents, movies, images, phone records and scientific data.

Our top CMS software contains two elements, i.e. Content Management Application (CMA) to make necessary amendments in the content of a site without the intervention from the Webmaster, and Content Display Application (CDA) to accumulate and update that information over the website.