Company’s Profile

The inception of the company had taken place in the year 2014 and within a span of merely a few years, Supreme App Pte Ltd becomes one of the pioneers in the field of Information Technology solutions and has an expertise in offering system integration and IT programming in the world market.

The IT solutions offered by the company are formulated, engineered and customized in such a manner that they could ideally fit within any company or rather the industry in whole. The services of the company range from the cloud based systems to the POS (Point of Sale) systems as well as the home security system. The company has always remained a premier choice for the global clientele of the companies who always tend to look for the resourceful and innovative IT solutions.

The rise of the company into an empire has been a result of countering several vicissitudes of the destiny. The founders never had the luxury to enjoy a dream start of the business at the initial period of time. The hardships and challenges were not uncommon. But they only contributed to make both of them even more robust and more motivated towards the goal. It is noteworthy that the credit of assigning the first breakthrough simply goes to the F&B Industry. The company capitalized on the prevailing opportunity and steadily took their business to the next level. They commenced their legendary journey with the team of 5 devoted members of the staff, bifurcated into the two teams dealing with the concerned department of IT and sales.

Impressed by the initial challenging projects, some of the major F&B companies on the continent offered the founders the leverage that they were always looking forward to. Thanks to the prevailing digital world, the credibility and competence of Supreme App’s services spread like a wildfire and soared the sales to an unbelievable extent within a short period of time.

Supreme App Pte Ltd believe in offering more unique and ingenious service in every deal, but uphold the policy of maintaining long term business relationships with the clients. According to the founders, “the mission of the company has always been to be better than the best available in the market and open the gates to the new horizons of IT systems. We strive to make more customized IT software to give effortless solutions to our clients at the most affordable price existing within the market.”

Why Choose Us :

  • Dedicated local team for troubleshooting and after sales support.
  • Holistic solutions include digital marketing and designing services.
  • A stable company with more than 3 years of experience.